2014 NY Street Fight Summit Recap

I spent the last two days at the Street Fight Magazine summit in New York.I’ve attended each of the four NYC summits that have been held since 2011 and it was nice to see Laura Rich (@laurarich) and David Hirschman (@davehirschman) make some noticeable improvements to this year’s event.

Perhaps the best addition was the tour of four digital companies in lower Manhattan.  We started at Xad. I took two pics of their war room hot spot maps. The pics below shows the geolocation ad requests Xad receives at that moment.  Pretty cool stuff.

Photo Nov 03, 9 33 34 AM Photo Nov 03, 9 38 42 AM

After 45 minutes, we moved on to Yext. Christian Ward explained the value proposition of Yext and said that it is hard to keep geo-location locations digitally constant.  Yext is able to constantly mine various data sources to then insure 3d part databases are updated with the true locations once they start to drift from the actual coordinates.


We all boarded a bus and made our way to Yelp.  Peter Curzon made a short presentation about Yelp’s efforts to create transaction partners that hep customers complete purchases while they are within the Yelp application.  The three main components include: integrating content w/partners, enabling transactions, and providing SMBs with features that enhance their visibility”


We finished up at Google where Francine Geller described their Adwords preferred reseller program.  This was quite the sales presentation with Francine making the case for publishers Adwords resellers.   The only irony was most of the attendees were unlikely to ever be approved by Google for this program.


That evening Colony Logic threw a great party right behind the newly opened for business Freedom Tower.  It as nice to run into old friends and make several new ones.

The actual conference, as always, featured a mix of interesting presentations and predictions. My biggest aha moment of the conference was when Ford Motor’s Julius Marchwicki @idamaster spoke about their efforts to make the navigation systems in their cars will go beyond providing directions and expand to include information about the destination beforehand.

To cap off the event, there was an amazing sunset right out the western facing windows.

Photo Nov 04, 4 42 56 PM