Follow-up stories to my StreetFight Article on SMB Universes

Since my presentation at StreetFightWest18, a number of stories and blog posts  commented on the framework I described.

Peter Krasilofsky in his LocalOnliner Blog says “But he makes a lot of salient points, and shows the way to applying more intelligence into our models.”

Charles Laughlin of the Local Search Association says, “Elkins however has taken things further by using the wisdom of the crowd (via social signals) to rank the relative weight of the companies inside the universe. And he is monitoring these signals to measure which companies and gaining and losing ground.”

David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal wrote in a joint discussion: “part of the reason I found Lorren’s latest iteration so compelling — it provided a unique new lens through which we can all view local business marketing and offers new areas to explore in terms of packaging and selling those services.”

David Mihm also tweeted, “Fantastic analysis from first shared last week.