Great piece about why integrated sales teams don’t work

Dale Darling, VP of Sales at Deseret Digital Media published a story on June 1, 2015 discussing how he learned integrated sales teams don’t work.
If you’ve debated which path to go in selling digital at a traditional media company, you should read Dale’s article.
A few quotes:
  • Despite my best efforts trying to evolve our legacy teams into digital sellers, they still had a TV and radio budget that was more important to them. They kept their job by selling the key platform products they each had been assigned. I couldn’t change that dynamic inside our KSL broadcast management structure.
  • The legacy sales teams resisted training and coaching to improve their digital sales skills.
  • The single most important decision DDM has made regarding its revenue strategy was to build platform-specific sales teams.
  • I promise any of you facing the decision to change from a legacy multi-platform sales team to a platform-specific sales team, it will be worth the fight and will be the very challenge and experience you are looking for in your sales management career.