How to Track your Competitors’ Social Media Activity

Ok, so you’ve decided social media is important and  are ready to make a concerted social media push.  It’s great that you are posting, promoting, and managing your page.

But do you know how you stack up against your competitors?  While a number of paid services exist to provide detailed monitoring and analytics, there is actually a much easier way to keep a basic eye on your competitors-and it is right under your own nose.

A little, hidden secret is that you can monitor your own activity AS WELL AS your competitors’ activity right from within Facebook Insights.

It’s really pretty easy.

Go to your Insights area and click on the overview tab

facebk competitors graphic #1

Scroll down to the pages to watch area and begin adding other Facebook pages to monitor.  In this case, I’ll pretend I am a Veterinarian in Stamford, CT.

facebk competitors graphic #2

It is also possible to take a deeper dive into the actual posts made by these competitors but it seems as though this feature has not been working in Facebook for several months.  I’ll update this post once it is back up.