SMB Digital Best Practices Seminar


1. SMBs Tactics to Compete in a Fragmented, Socially Engaged, Digital Media Environment Lorren Elkins Granite Broadcasting Corporation May 20, 2015 @lorren_elkins
3. The Number of New Media Options Has Accelerated over the Past 20 Years 3 Digital Electronic Print Tomorrow
4. And if you dive deeply into Social options: Source:, 4
5. Traditional Media Choices Have Grown 5 Sources: TV Data: Television & Cable Factbook, Cable Data: California Cable & Telecomm Association, Radio Data: FCC; MStreet; Inside Radio, 2015, Magazine Data: Statista, SRDS, Newspaper Data Extrapolated from Editor & Publisher, Statista
6. Over 6 Million Web Sites Accept Ads 6
8. People are Spending More Time with Digital 8
9. The Young Spend the Most Time with Digital 9
10. Local & Natl Ad Spend is Following User Behavior 10
12. Limited Options Before Digital 12 OutdoorRadio Direct Mail Newspaper Magazine CouponsProduct Reviews Purchase RewardsLoyalty Clubs Product Comparisons
13. The Purchase Decision Process has Become Much More Complex over the Past Few Years 13
14. Today’s Process is Much more Complex 14 Source: SmartClick, David Rogers, Yale University Press, 2011, 2014 Nielsen, BHM & Co, GE Capital, Forrester, Bloggers Website Search Ads Banner Ads Social Fan Growth Retargeted Ads Social Advertising Shopping Sites Social Deal Sites PR/News Sites Email Review Sites Word of Mouth Coupon Sites Online Commerce Community ForumsRatings/Review sites Social Posts Blogs Promotions VIP Programs DB Marketing Mobile Coupons Social Posts
15. Then Now Enter Mobile… 15 Now
16. Moments Just Prior to Purchase are Critical when a Smartphone is Present 16 Source: Harvard business Review, 6/11/13, The Mobile Shopping Life Cycle and Pivotal Labs, Nielsen/xAd/Telemetrics, Pivotal Labs, IBM, Local Search Association
17. Buying Decision Influencers 17
19. Mobile Optimized Site? 19 Yes Mobile Site No Desktop Site on Mobile
20. Socially Engaged? 20 Entenmann’s Is United Airlines Wasn’t #unitedbreaksguitars
21. Valuable Site Content? 21 Midland Insurance Yes River Pools Yes
22. Search Marketing 22 The Buffalo Academy Gets Found They Want Response
23. Claimed Listings? 23
24. Responsive to Comments? 24 Zillow Is Sea Star Restaurant Is
25. Valuable Promotion? 25 HairDazzle uses Twitter Fresh Brothers Pizza on Facebook
26. Learn from the Experience of Others 26 Source: Advertising Research Foundation, Digital Social Media Purchase Process The Most Frequently Used Sources (Shaded to Correspond with Funnel Stages)
27. SMBs Will Spend More on Digital 27 Source: Thrive Analytics-Local Pulse Survey, 2015
28. Advertise When it Makes Sense 28 While Advertising Works, its Value Generally Declines as Purchase Nears
29. Study your Market • Who are your customers and competitors? • How do customers find you? • Why do they buy from you? • What content do you need? • What digital tactics should you use? • What do you want people to do when they find you online? • Are there special offers you can make to drive visits? 29
30. Execute Wisely • Who will manage your online efforts? • How much will you spend? • What specific goals do you want to achieve? • What advertising is warranted? – Search, display, social, mobile, video • What web presence will you have? – Website, mobile site, social site, listings? • What aspects of your online identity will you manage? – Reputation, search, social, customer loyalty, promotions? • What criteria will you use to measure success? 30
31. If You Think This is Hard, You’re Not Alone 31 Source: Thrive Analytics-Local Pulse Survey 2014 SMB Challenges with Digital Media
32. Some Weaknesses are Easily Rectified 32 Source: 2013 Vsplash Audit of 3.9 million SMB websites Weaknesses in SMB Digital Efforts
33. Summary • With vast choice and rapid change, digital marketing can be complex • Social networks, blogs, ratings and reviews sites, search sites, mapping systems, geo-located smartphones, and internet-only retailers provide consumers with vast stores of information that has, in turn, enabled them to better make their decisions. • Most small and medium sized businesses are not equipped to effectively play in this new digital environment. • There are services that can do this with you and/or for you. 33
34. THANK-YOU @lorren_elkins