The Case for Audience Extension from my Borrell Conference Presentation

I presented at the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference in New York on March 2d, 2015.

With me on the panel were Robert Formentin, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Collective and Edwin Ruis, Integrated Revenue Director at Swift Communications.  Our panel was billed as “Selling extended-reach or retargeting programs has reached a frenzy. But how do you integrate inventory server-to-server and how can you ensure your inventory is served first? This panel features three companies we’ve identified as the best in terms of strategy and revenue performance.

My portion addressed four themes:

  1. The business case for Audience Extension
  2. How we rolled it out at Granite Broadcasting Digital
  3. A few broad results from our effort
  4. Issues to consider before embarking on your own program

The slides from my presentation are in the embedded SlideShare below.