Want feedback, just ask…

This week one of our automatic garage doors needed repair.  It’s something I know very little about so I took the internet and did some research.

I looked at Yelp, Google Reviews, and other sites.  I decided on Precision Garage Systems because they had far more reviews and most were positive.  Nevertheless, I was nervous and somewhat skeptical.  Review fraud is pretty easy to execute.

I just finished with the Precision repairman and exhaled.  He did a fine job.  However, the moral of this story is the secret behind Precision’s many reviews – they simply asked.

Precision Garage Door review request
Second interaction requesting a review
Actual Review of their Service

Minutes after the job was complete I received this email asking me to review their work.  They had no idea whether I would give a positive or negative review, they just asked.

How often have we purchased something and not been asked our opinion?  Kudos to Precision for being brave enough to simply ask.